Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eorzea is big

It's a good thing camps are teleport locations.  With the influx of newbies in my LS I've been tasked as a guide as well as primary crafter.  I managed to get Janica a tour of the grade 1-3 camps in the black shroud before Janica ran out of steam.  Then Moki got created and we were 5.  A quick tour on how to find Bentbranch followed right before I logged out for the evening.

Later in the night I teleported to limsa to get some Blacksmithing/Armorer local leves.  I'll do them tonight.


  1. You still around Letrange?

  2. Here's what you want Guide

  3. The questing in this game is a little ridiculous...You have to go to a person, deliver some random item just to run all the way back to your original point...This comic describes my feelings perfectly:.

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