Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bit of crafting

Managed to get some local guild leves done while we all took a bit of a break from ffxiv over the last 2 days.  Plenty of that still to do.  I read up on Naoki Yoshida's plans for the crafting side of the game.  Originally I was astounded at the simplificaitons proposed, thinking "damn that will kill crafting by making it too simple".  Then I had to deal with equipping newbies...

Simplified crafting system? Please get it here now!...

From what I gather they are eliminating many steps in the crafting process itself (for example all nuggets will be going the way of the dinosaurs) in 1.19.  And in 1.20 we'll see changes to the HQ system where there will no longer be normal, +1s, +2s and +3s, there will be normal and high quality (NQ and HQ).  How the existing inventory gets split between the two new values is still up in the air, but looks like +1s will become normal and +2s and +3s will become HQ.  It looks like HQ crafting will be based on having the HQ materials to start with.  I.E. guaranteed success but all materials MUST be HQ to get an HQ final product.  Also materia is going to be added to the existing crafting pallet.  This system looks like it will be "Stat effecting addons" sort of system (a la ffix?).  Time will tell.

Now also another translated post indicated that down the road we'll be able to have "job sets" of gear where we switch to an entire set when changing jobs.  And the inventory slots for the jobs will be separate from general storage (OH THANK GOD).  But this is "far down the road" (DAMN IT).  Between the simplification and the extra "set storage"  This should go a long way towards alleviating current storage issues.

Of course the addition of materia to the mix will make things a little bit worse but we'll see.  My real hope is that the material and synth grade stratification happens.  So that a grade 1 final product uses nothing but grade 1 materials all throughout it's production process.  A grade 2 nothing but grade 2 materials and so on.  That way I could shuffle off grade 2 synths (and their attendant materials) off to the other (upcoming) crafters i the LS and be able to pitch all sub grade 3 materials out of my inventory and concentrate on grade 3 crafting (which I'm currently grinding thru as can be seen by my current levels).  That would really simplify my life.

I'm cautiously optimistic.

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