Sunday, August 21, 2011

Did I mention the crafting?

Once again into the breach.  This time for rank 15ish gear.  With more acquaintances headed for the game, I got crafting up a storm this weekend.  I totally blew through my buffalo hide reserve.  Looks like I'll be hunting wolves tomorrow (and chasing elusive dyer's moss).  All I have to say at this point is although aesthetically, I would prefer that the crafting system remain as complex as it is but that the storage issues be resolved, realistically I must admit that after this weekend I'm all "bring on the simplified system... now... please...".

Alarea (aka Strongpaw) is headed to 17 CON.  Janica (Jon) is headed to the low 10's GLA but is going to slow down to get Defender from MAR.  Sylva (Max) hit 15 MAR.  This means that once Janica hits 15 -ish, we could get a pretty good party going and my lower level jobs (LAN, MAR, CON, THM) can get a bit of a work out in a working party.  With all the crafting, my main did not see much progress.  Some of the synths were very nice to my progression but a lot were much lower level and did no progress my character much.  The linkshell, however is getting geared up so I can't complain.

Shortlist for acquisition:

Copper Ore
Buffalo Hide
Various Dyer's Moss

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