Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm back.

/me dusts off the place

Ok, it's been a while.  I've decided to start blogging again.  Between letting go of 1.0 and coming back in 2.0 on a different server a lot has gone on.

What has gone on while I wasn't blogging:

I quit 1.0 mainly due to friends bailing.  That itself mainly due the issues with 1.0.

I got back into it with 2.0 and went to a north american server.  Problem being that since it wasn't a legacy server I couldn't transfer Letrange on Ridill.  So I have a new character Letrange Strange on Faerie.  I have now leveled him way past my Character on Ridill (where that one ended up on the transfer from 1.0), so he's now officially my main character.  Letrange Strangeone will be used if ever have a different server I want to see friends on but don't want to move my main.

I finally made 50 Monk.  So I'm currently at the start of endgame stuff.  One of the reasons it's taken so long (apart from starting over) is that I'm also 50 Carpenter, 50 Blacksmith, 50 Armorer, 50 Goldsmith, 50 Weaver, 50 Leatherworker, 45 Alchemist, 45 Culinarian, 50 Miner, 47 Botanist, 46 Fisher.


Anyways, after the friends who I started playing on this server with left, I liked the changes so much I decided to keep playing.  Since then I've been thru 3 different other FCs before ending up with Faerie Tale FC, my current FC.

So, A few years later, I'm progressing and having fun.  Onward towards my first Relic weapon.

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